How To Make Coffee With A Percolator

How To Make Coffee With A PercolatorWhether you are out camping, hiking, backpacking, or want to make a good cup of java on your gas stove due to a power outage the video below will show you how to make coffee with a percolator. A percolator will give you a great tasting cup of coffee with the right tips.

One of the biggest complaints from people using a percolator is that there are coffee grounds in their coffee. I will share tips that you will help you to make a great cup of coffee without coffee grounds in your cup.

As long as you have access to a flame you can make coffee with a percolator. You can use a propane camping stove to brew with a percolator or you can use a campfire. All you need is 4 supplies.

The video above shows you visually exactly how to make coffee with a percolator. Use the tips below to make a slight adjustment to the video to keep coffee grounds from going through the filter basket and into your coffee.

If you choose to do it his way then be sure to let the coffee sit in the percolator for a couple of minutes so the grounds will fall to the bottom so when you pour a cup you will get minimal grounds in your cup.

If you have a fire grate that you use when you are outdoors, brewing a pot will be just like placing it over a propane stove. Place on the fire grate while you are cooking your to make coffee with a percolator without coffee grounds in your cup

Supplies Needed

Coleman 14 Cup Enamelware Percolator

Folgers Coffee Filter Packs

Fire or gas stove

Step by Step Instructions

Remove the filter basket from the percolator.

Fill your percolator with water to the fill line or just below the coffee basket.

Place the coffee basket into the percolator.

Place your coffee into the coffee basket - The video says to use course coffee grounds however, to keep coffee grounds from getting into your coffee use coffee filter packs or you can buy disc filter packs that you can put your own coffee into and place these into the basket rather than placing just coffee grounds by themselves in it.

Place the lid onto the coffee basket.

Close the lid to the percolator.

Place the percolator either on the ground very close to the flame or over the fire.

Let it cook for about 10 minutes or until the coffee percolating through the top is the color you want your coffee to be.

Using a pot holder or something to protect your hand lift the percolator from the fire.

Pour into your cup and enjoy.

To keep your coffee warm place near the flame. If using a gas flame turn the flame as low as it will go.

Following these how to make coffee with a percolator instructions you will have a great cup of coffee without coffee grounds in your cup. Whether you are camping, hiking, backpacking, experiencing a power outage or just like the taste of coffee in a percolator you can wake up to great cup of java. Now all there is to do is to get out there and enjoy yourself!

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